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Start inflating that pig’s bladder, folks, because it’s time for our long-threatened Little House on the Prairie episode. This week, Mistress Curvy (N) joins Pru in a covered wagon traveling from the big woods of Wisconsin all the way to South Dakota to talk about the beloved childhood book series, the way it’s left an indelible (and occasionally worrying) mark on their lives, and our collective obsession with the series’s description of food. So if listening to two grown-ass women losing their ever-loving minds about pioneer gals and hoopskirts was on your bucket list, you can cross that off with conviction.

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Is your life lacking in hysterical sobbing and 24-hour binge watching of television in a language you don't understand? Have you always craved an excuse to watch a genre of television that will destroy you so completely that watching someone robotically hug another person from behind is enough to break you into shattering tears? Do you need plotlines that include time traveling aliens and wealthy sons of industry who stand around bleakly with their hands in their pockets all the time? Do you like watching people get hella drunk in tents and then throw up around children's playgrounds? Then Korean dramas are a thing that you need in your life, and for the first time since S1 of /report, Pru and Waldorph are here to deliver.

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Happy season five, folks! We're back, we're finally back! And we're kicking it off with a high-velocity penetrative wound delivered — with love and affection — by Oliver Queen. This week, /report talks about the CW's Arrow (and a little bit about the CW's Flash). We explore why the show works (salmon ladder), and why we're fans (salmon ladder), answer your questions, and questions you never had before listening to us and wondering about our sanity. So strap in, and for the record, we didn't know anything about him shooting you with an arrow because it's basically impossible to tell when he's making a joke.

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It's too late for Wizard Highschool, Wizard University, Wizard Master's School, etc, so we're here to provide you some Wizard's Continuing Education. Pru (whose relationship with HP is a tragedy) and MK (who found it wanting) are joined by ultra HP nerds Merelyn and Twentysomething to talk about one of the biggest fandoms of our time. What if Pottermore sorted you into the wrong house? Did anyone actually like that crappy epilogue? Will there be owls??????

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This week as a special surprise, we've got a guest episode for you by Dione/KitsuneHeart, Kady/Shut-in-Princess, Dillon/EriDillon, and Robin/Robbel. We're not sure what the whole deal is with Homestuck, but that's what these four are going to try and explain to everyone.

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