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We love you all a lot, but it’s been five years and a hundred episodes and we both have some new projects coming up so please enjoy our final episode ever! Thank you so much for listening and being a part of our fannish lives and conversations. You can find MK @moonklutz and Pru@oftenimprudent.

See you on the flip side!

Grab the episode here, for the last time. ;_;

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We've somehow managed to fail upwards long enough and hard enough that this is our 100th episode of /report. Yeah, we're shocked, too. In celebration, this week we discuss early fandom, what's changed in the five years we've been doing this, and your early fannish experiences. Thank you for sticking with us for 100 episodes!

Grab the episode here early because MK has shit to do tomorrow. (We're so profesh.)

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This week we talk with the OTW’s in-house counsel, Betsy Rosenblatt about the recent OTW board situation, the AO3, International Fanworks Day, and fandom. If you had questions after the recent upset with the OTW board, we’ve (hopefully) got the answers. Grab the episode here!
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This week, we catch up with some recent fannish news and give an intensely spoilery review of the BBC Sherlock Christmas special — or what NYC HQ can remember of it, anyway. And then we get knotty with special guest Nora Bombay to talk about Alpha/Beta/Omega, that trope that you hadn't heard of before, but seems to be everywhere now. We discuss where we think it comes from, why it seems to have sparked such interest, and share a few recs along the way, too.

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We put the I, and Eff Bee Ihhh---ncoherant wailing, because this is our episode about one of the seminal shows of recent memory and modern fandom: The X-Files. Hoyden and Xenakis join Pru to talk about Mulder, Scully, how they found the series, what might have made it such a phenomenon, and how we feel about the upcoming six-episode miniseries. Chaneen also drops by for a non-spoilery quick chat about the first of the new episodes. We talk conspiracy, romance, shipping, the relative uselessness of Fox Mulder through the lens of an adult female viewpoint, and whether Skinner is getting hotter with time. (Yes.) Strap in, and for God's sake -- don't drop your service weapon.

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