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What's that? Were you just thinking of maybe ordering Thor's shot glass to drink from while watching the Avengers this holiday? We've got you covered, /reporters.

Free shipping!

Coupon Code: 2012SuperFree
Discount: Free Super Saver, International & Canadian Airmail Shipping on orders $30+
Dates: Friday, November 23 - Monday, November 26

And some blah blah details text from Printfection:

Disclaimer: Please enter coupon code 2012SuperFree before completing checkout. Discount is applied to Super Saver, International & Canadian Airmail ONLY and does not include taxes, products, or additional charges. Must have a minimum subtotal of $30. This offer may not be combined with other offers. Coupons valid from 11/23/2012 to 11/26/2012 11:59 pm Mountain Time.

Go on, check out the /report store and get yourself some free shipping!


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