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517 Episode 100

We've somehow managed to fail upwards long enough and hard enough that this is our 100th episode of /report. Yeah, we're shocked, too. In celebration, this week we discuss early fandom, what's changed in the five years we've been doing this, and your early fannish experiences. Thank you for sticking with us for 100 episodes!

Grab the episode here early because MK has shit to do tomorrow. (We're so profesh.)

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516 - OTW AO3

This week we talk with the OTW’s in-house counsel, Betsy Rosenblatt about the recent OTW board situation, the AO3, International Fanworks Day, and fandom. If you had questions after the recent upset with the OTW board, we’ve (hopefully) got the answers. Grab the episode here!
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515 Alpha Beta Omega

This week, we catch up with some recent fannish news and give an intensely spoilery review of the BBC Sherlock Christmas special — or what NYC HQ can remember of it, anyway. And then we get knotty with special guest Nora Bombay to talk about Alpha/Beta/Omega, that trope that you hadn't heard of before, but seems to be everywhere now. We discuss where we think it comes from, why it seems to have sparked such interest, and share a few recs along the way, too.

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514 The X-Files

We put the I, and Eff Bee Ihhh---ncoherant wailing, because this is our episode about one of the seminal shows of recent memory and modern fandom: The X-Files. Hoyden and Xenakis join Pru to talk about Mulder, Scully, how they found the series, what might have made it such a phenomenon, and how we feel about the upcoming six-episode miniseries. Chaneen also drops by for a non-spoilery quick chat about the first of the new episodes. We talk conspiracy, romance, shipping, the relative uselessness of Fox Mulder through the lens of an adult female viewpoint, and whether Skinner is getting hotter with time. (Yes.) Strap in, and for God's sake -- don't drop your service weapon.

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513 Cooking Shows

How many times can you say the word lovely in an hour and a half? We test that out this week as we delve into our favourite (or favorite) cooking competition shows. Tune in for Great British Bake Off spoilers, Masterchef Australia, Masterchef Junior, Masterchef, Top Chef, Barefoot Contessa, Paula Deen, and more. And then we get de-railed by One Direction and take a detour into fandom meta, because of course we did. Come on, listen to us wax poetic. Bring a snack.

Grab the episode here. And we're not joking - get a snack. Just not fruitcake.
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512 Hannibal

How creepy can we be about a cannibalistic serial killer and fetishizing his gorgeous dinners before the NSA comes after us? Find out, by tuning into our post Season 3 conversation with Raz and Kit. We talk the two arcs of S3, we talk the passionately bonkers Hannibal fandom, and we talk where we think those two crazy kids ended up...after ending up at the bottom of a cliff.

Grab the episode here!


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511 Time Travel Ask Us Anything side B

It's Canadian Thanksgiving, so guys, please don't listen to this in front of your family, or the police, or, idk, small children. This week we talk Neon Genesis Evangelion, the fact that everyone and their mom is in the Tom Hardy/Taron Eggerton movie, fandom and journalism, why the government of Canada should support this podcast, why Canadian lit is terrible, and how neither of us was sober. Oops.

There was a link we were supposed to include here from an ask. We lost it! If you sent that to us, send it again and we'll post the link here. Thanks!

Grab the episode here!
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510 Time Travel Ask Us Anything part A

What hiatus? As Pru will tell you this week, time is a flat circle. Don't worry about it. This week we talk about fanfiction vs fanart again, the Bruno & Boots movie, briefly touch on PKane, Jurassic World, and Dark Matter before getting into the first half of an Ask Us Anything episode.

This episode we also talk about Slash the card game, which you can check out here.

What are you waiting for?
Grab the episode here!

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509 Kingsman

It's been awhile since we've come down so starkly on different sides of an issue but here it is: this week we talk about Kingsman, which Pru loved and MK despised. But before that, we're going to talk about Rizzoli & Isles, Community, and the X-Files before answering a few questions and giving you some hot recs.

Grab the episode and embrace our mutual anguish over how super hot Colin Firth still is. And don't forget to follow us on Twitter!
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508 Empire

People, brace yourselves, because this week we dive into the dazzling, dizzying world of FOX's mega hit Empire. Pru is joined by Zara (Amazonziti), Merelyn and Tiffany to drink wine out of plastic goblets in the shape of skulls and scream loudly about the two-hour season finale of the freshman series staring Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard. We talk furs, crazy plots, gay sons, eluding death, and how this show has proven so magnificently addictive.

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507 Theory of Fic Gate; Series Finales

This week, we talk about the sad news of Leonard Nimoy's passing, the crazy news of Mentalist's series finale, and the leopard print banana milkshake news of the greatest new show on television, Empire. We'll also check in with Waldorph on the recent Theory of Fanfiction kerfuffle, and go through some reader questions and a correction from last week's episode, so stick around!

Experience MK's shame and grab the episode here, and then you should follow us on Twitter.
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506 Jupiter Ascending

This podcast has everyone: Pru, MK, Leupagus, Twentysomething, Merelyn, and The Hoyden, all coming together to experience the great love story of princess toiletbrush and her loyal speed skating space wolf with wings. Also, Sean Bumblebean, King of the Bees.

What are you waiting for, greys to try and kill you mid egg harvesting? Grab the episode now and then you should follow us on Twitter.
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505 Naruto

Wow, guys, it’s another first time, because this week Pru and MK are joined by not only The Hoyden, but also by MK’s friend Paul, the first dude we’ve ever had on the podcast. We open with a quick discussion of Sailor Moon Crystal, Mythbusters, Fresh Off the Boat, and the Legend of Zelda Netflix show (confirmed after recording). For our longer discussion this week, we dip into one of the worst fandoms that all of us share: Naruto. Tune in to learn about why Naruto is the worst, how Kishimoto gave us all blue balls, and then listen to us struggle to figure out why Kakashi is so great. (Because he is. He is SO great.) It’s a dark day for fandom, so you might as well join us as we fail at everything.

Note: there is some construction noise in the background of this episode because fucking Toronto, of course there is. Sorry about that.

What are you waiting for, the Chuunin exam? Grab the episode here and then you should follow us on Twitter.
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504 4th Wall Redux

This week we premier our new episode format with a quick discussion of #Gamergate, and a hodgepodge of new and returning shows including The Librarians, Mythbusters (and their new format), and Marvel's Agent Carter. For our longer discussion this week, we chat about some recent norm-space incursions on fandom's crumbling fourth wall and set a timer for receipt of hate mail by talking about paying for fan art versus paying for fan fic.

Grab the episode here and then you should follow us on Twitter.
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503 Little House on the Prarie with Mistress Curvy

Start inflating that pig’s bladder, folks, because it’s time for our long-threatened Little House on the Prairie episode. This week, Mistress Curvy (N) joins Pru in a covered wagon traveling from the big woods of Wisconsin all the way to South Dakota to talk about the beloved childhood book series, the way it’s left an indelible (and occasionally worrying) mark on their lives, and our collective obsession with the series’s description of food. So if listening to two grown-ass women losing their ever-loving minds about pioneer gals and hoopskirts was on your bucket list, you can cross that off with conviction.

Experience our shame by grabbing the episode here, and don't forget to follow us on Twitter for even more inanity during the week.
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502 Korean Dramas

Is your life lacking in hysterical sobbing and 24-hour binge watching of television in a language you don't understand? Have you always craved an excuse to watch a genre of television that will destroy you so completely that watching someone robotically hug another person from behind is enough to break you into shattering tears? Do you need plotlines that include time traveling aliens and wealthy sons of industry who stand around bleakly with their hands in their pockets all the time? Do you like watching people get hella drunk in tents and then throw up around children's playgrounds? Then Korean dramas are a thing that you need in your life, and for the first time since S1 of /report, Pru and Waldorph are here to deliver.

Grab the episode here and then don't forget to follow us on Twitter for even more inanity during the week.
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5x01 Arrow (and Flash)

Happy season five, folks! We're back, we're finally back! And we're kicking it off with a high-velocity penetrative wound delivered — with love and affection — by Oliver Queen. This week, /report talks about the CW's Arrow (and a little bit about the CW's Flash). We explore why the show works (salmon ladder), and why we're fans (salmon ladder), answer your questions, and questions you never had before listening to us and wondering about our sanity. So strap in, and for the record, we didn't know anything about him shooting you with an arrow because it's basically impossible to tell when he's making a joke.

What are you waiting for? Grab the episode here and don't forget to follow us on Twitter.