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This week we're covering the best and worst of 2011 -- everything from our favorite shows of the year to the worst Strong Like Ox entry we've ever heard -- to serenade you as you travel to wherever you're spending your holidays, and numb the pain once you get there. We're chatting about TV, terribleness, and answering a shedload of accumulated questions, so check it out,and have a very happy Death to 2011. We'll see you back on the flip side February 2012.

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This week, Templemarker plays sherpa through the soap operatic wilds of Marvel, DC, and indie comics. We talk about how to get your toes wet in the twisty, confusing world of sprawling and contradictory canons, show you the ropes on the stories to read and the ones to avoid, and give those of you already chomping at the bit for the 2012 Avengers movie some context for the film. And then, we drop a righteous mountain of fandom and canon recs for you guys — happy reading!

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Forgive us our long and totally impromptu hiatus! But we're back (a little early, even! Sort of!) this week with Pru and Til_Midnight nattering about korean dramas. Why are they so addictive? What's the cycle of consumption on these things like? How do they get churned out so quickly? How are people with, presumably, otherwise good taste in media turning into vein-tapping smack addicts when it comes to this business? Especially with all the amnesia, convenient car accidents, and inevitable everybody dying of stupid diseases that are probably fake? Let us take you on a magical journey into Asia, drinking in tents, and the closest thing we're ever likely to get to a film version of a romance novel.

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This week on /report, we're joined by [personal profile] cherrybina to chat about porn, porn, and when we're done with that, some more porn. Well, we start off by answering some of our backlog of listener questions, but then we get straight to the smut — what makes it hot, what makes it not, how we write it, why we read it, and horrifying childhood tales of erotica discovery and humiliation in bookstores. So plug in, turn up the volume, and crank on your iBuzz. (PS: If you actually turn on your iBuzz while listening to this, please don't tell us.)

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Sorry we're late! First Pru and the Hoyden were drinking their way through Spain and then MK had the death flu for about a week. Fail.

This week we talk about Fringe, The Good Wife, CSI NY, and The Mentalist, do a brief foray into your submissions for the Bad Fic Strong Like Ox challenge, and then move right on to the real meat - our very first Author Talk! We asked The Hoyden every question you sent us and made her answer them, whether she liked it or not.

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