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You are being watched, /reporters. We have a secret system, a machine that spies on you every hour of every day. We know because we feed our data into it constantly because it is called Twitter and Tumblr. It was designed to detect acts of hipsterism and asinine updating, and it sees everything, even people with FEELS like you. FEELS that other podcasts may consider "irrelevant." We don't. Hunted by our better judgment, we work not really in as much secrecy as we should considering; and if your topic is up...we'll see you at the podcast.

TL;DR: This week's episode is about Person of Interest. We made Leupagus come on and talk about it like she was lancing a boil made of AGONIZING FANNISH SUFFERING. Check it out.

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Cover art news: iTunes changed the way it handles Podcasts which meant we had to change our cover art and we figured this was the time to show you guys our fancy Coat of Arms for last year's SLO winner. 10 Points to your House if you get every reference in it.


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