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So it turns out that SlashCast already exists and is an awesome HP podcast that is coming back. That means that instead, the podcast Pru and I make will now be called Slash Report (or / report as you'll see in our new, much better looking and not made in 3 seconds in Skitch graphics).

Which yes, means more episodes! We're hoping to have another one up this weekend, and maaaybe one more before I head out on my trip. There will be a bit of a gap there, but don't worry - there will definitely be more slash report!

In the meantime, we'd love to hear what you think should be covered. You can follow the slash report on twitter to find out when the new episodes are up and get links to our weekly fic recs.

And if you're looking for reasons to get excited about the next episode, be prepared: we're going to talk about some dudes with super powers, give you more fic recs, and have The Hoyden on as a special guest!

You can still download (right-click/save as) this week's episode here.

Thanks for the great response, guys!


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